Dream Theater at High Voltage 2011

Dream Theater @ High Voltage 2011

Dream Theater bring the final day of High Voltage 2011 to a close in spectacular fashion. In a very diverse set, the songs and the band themselves were given a new kick of energy from the immaculate Mike Mangini on drums and James LaBrie sounded on top form. Shame so many people left, but they do take some work to get into, and a festival is not the easiest place to win over fans… Continue reading

Jethrol Tull at High Voltage 2011

Jethro Tull @ High Voltage 2011

For some strange reason (which I never saw/heard and explanation for) Jethrol Tull had closed off 2/3s of the photopit and left an army of photographers crammed into a sheep pen. I didn’t have the patience to fight for position so after a few snaps I got away. I don;t remember listening to any of it. Continue reading

Neurosis at High Voltage 2011

Neurosis @ High Voltage 2011

I’ve never seen Neurosis before and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know what was going on apart from it was earth shatteringly noisy. Awesome! Continue reading

Black Spiders at High Voltage 2011

Black Spiders @ High Voltage 2011

Probably their 500th festival appearance of the year… but it just doesn’t get boring. Black Spiders have definitely earned a place on the UK’s best live bands list. Fuck You Black Spiders! Continue reading