I am a North London based photographer and music fanatic specialising
in live music concert photography.

Dead By Sunrise Photography is something I have wanted to create for
many years. I first got into concert photography as a music fan taking
photos from the crowd. I was the kind of fan who would queue from
early morning notonly to be a part of the action but to try and get a killer
shot and a lasting memory.

After taking photos at gigs for over 7 years things have progressed and
I find myself with the chance to take pictures from the other side of the
barrier. But my mission of getting the best shot to represent the energy,
emotion and atmosphere of a performance has not changed.

If you would like to contact me regarding images on this site or to arrange
live performance or promotional event coverage then please comment or email me!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Daniel! I just found your site after searching for music photographers. I have recently gotten into live concert shooting and have fallen in love with it. I was wondering if you had any advice available for a new comer. Thank you very much for your time. ~Ashley Salada

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I am one of the performers you shot at the Battle Royale newcomers for London Burlesque Week. I was wondering if you would permit me to use the shots you took of me?

    I am the one dressed in purple wearing the veil with the man’s photo in my hand.

    I love the pics you took of the whole show by the way!!

    Hope youre well,

    Pippie x

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